25 August 2006

This Is A Respectable Trailer Park, Eh?

If this trailer park is so respectable, then why did I see what I saw today? On my way home from work I was driving through the trailer park to my sister's house (I was borrowing her car) and happened to look down one of the cross streets. Suddenly a rather large woman rushed out of a trailer, holding a pair of jeans to her front, sort of like you do in a store when you want to see if a pair of pants might fit you. That wasn't too remarkable, except that she had no pants on behind them. Aside from her shirt and her pant-shield, she was naked as a jaybird. Apparently holding your pants in front of you is sufficient coverage when you're making a quick run out to the car and back. And it's not like I come home from work at midnight or something, when perhaps a partially-clad person might be expected to run out of a house. It was 3:30 in the afternoon, a time when all people in the outdoors should be clad in something, even if it's a towel. So that is my shocking moment of the week.

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