20 July 2006

I'm Not Dead Yet, In Fact I Think I'll Go For A Walk!

Contrary to popular rumors, I am still among the living. Some people say I'm antisocial, but I prefer to think of myself as elusive, like a gorilla in the mist or something. My wife's family is in town, so my painting has slowed to a halt, but I do have ten completed Stormvermin now as well as another five partially done. Everything goes fast except for painting the main armor color, because there is so much surface area to cover. I think they look good, though.
I am a step closer to completing two small warbands (750 pts. each) for the Reaper Warlord game. I already had the Necropolis starter set, and I got half of a Crusaders army this week. I didn't like the Crusaders starter set, so I made up my own list. I have Duke Gerard and three Battle Nuns. To finish the army I need to get a mage and three more Battle Nuns. The two armies total 20 figures, so hopefully I can paint them up quickly and actually play a game with some miniatures I've painted.


  1. Thanks for the eye tip, Ill try it out.

    What WoW server do you use? I use Khaz Modan. I only got WoW a coupla' days ago; Level 12 human warrior, name Lorii. I am really that obsessed with 40k, I name my WoW characters after 40k characters.

  2. We're on the Turalyon server. I've got a level 53 Dwarf Hunter named Chonk. My wife has a level 50ish Night Elf Druid named Adorwyn. My sister has a 47ish Dwarf Priest named Eostre, and my brother-in-law has a 47ish Human Warlock named Sidero. Our guild name is Sick and Wrong, although we have thought about trying to get into one of the bigger guilds so we can run through the big end-game instances.