10 July 2006

More Painting

First things first, I finally got back around to painting something. In this case it was the rest of my Skaven Clanrats unit that I started a couple of muonths ago. I know it was originally going to be part of a step-by-step tutorial on how I paint them, but once I got going I didn't want to lose my momentum by stopping and taking pictures. Here are a couple of pictures of the completed unit. As usual, the bases are not done yet. I think my next unit for this army will be the unit of Stormvermin.

My next order of business is in response to a comment on my previous post. John wants to know how I paint the pupils on the eyes of my pirates. The brush I've been using was ordered from the site Fernando Brushes that I've got linked in my sidebar. It's the round brush No. 1. I don't know if I recommend this, but to get a good point on it, I put the end of the brush in my mouth and spin it as I pull it back out. Then I stick the very tip of the brush in some GW Skull White paint so I have a little dot at the end. I then try to get that little dot of paint centered on the eye of the miniature. I usually spill over the edges of the eye a little, but that's okay. Then to do the pupil, I rinse my brush, get a good point on it, and dip it in some Chaos Black paint. Again, I try to get a tiny dot of black centered in the white of the eye. If it turns out funny looking, I use a little more white around the edges of the pupils to cover up some of the black until both pupils look right and are centered on the eyes. Then I take my flesh-toned paint and clean up the edges where the white spilled over out of the eyes. It's a lot easier than it sounds, but you really have to keep a steady hand and try to get the white and black centered. The most important part to making it look acceptable is the cleanup step, where you fix the edges of the black with the white paint and then fix the edges of the white paint with the flesh paint. When I mess up really badly, I just paint over it and try again.

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