19 August 2010

One More Day

I've just got one more full day at home before I head off for training that leads to a trip overseas.  I wish I could spend the day at home with my wife and the boy, but it seems there are a million things that have to be done before I go.  I've got to drop by the office to give a computer back and get a base pass for a vehicle.  I think I'll have to go out to my parents' farm to get some things that my dad is lending me.  There are still bags to pack and last-minute things to buy (padlocks, wipes, and various-sized plastic baggies!) and laundry to do and a tortoise to move from the garage to the house so my wife will find caring for him a little easier and probably several other random things that will come up as the day goes by.  I say it's my last day at home, but somewhere in the next month or so we will probably have a few days on pass during which we'll be allowed to come home.  On my pass days I am planning on cleaning out the garage as much as I can, because I didn't get around to it before this deadline.

Our family pictures went well, although I was frustrated by the last-minute request that I wear my duty uniform for the first set.  I am uncomfortable wearing it when I am not doing something directly related to my military job, but I survived the ordeal and hopefully some good pictures will come out of it.  I got a little more comfortable once I changed into civilian clothes.

After pictures we all took a nap, from which my wife bolted up and announced that she was late for her doctor's appointment.  Me and the boy played together for a couple of hours while she went and got new pictures taken of the babies, who are still healthy and growing.  They're not big enough to find out genders and whatnot, but their heart rates are good and she said they were both active in the video.  I think one of the worst parts about leaving home for this next year is going to be missing out on a full year of the boy's life and the first six months of the twins'.  He is growing so fast and learning new words every day, and he'll never be this little again.  I'm sure my wife and I will change too, but it will be slower and we are better able to communicate that sort of thing over long distances.  But for the little ones you really have to be watching their interactions with the world to see the full scope of their growth.

This evening my sister kindly watched the boy on short notice so that the wife and I could go on a proper dinner date.  The food was good and I enjoy the company of my spouse, so it was a nice way to cap off the day.  Now I'm just waiting on some laundry to finish up so I can decide whether or not I should burn the post-midnight oil and pack some bags or go to bed and get it all done tomorrow.  I am leaning toward going to bed so I can have an early start in the morning and (maybe) get some rest before the big event kicks off early on Friday.


  1. Best of luck on the deployment... not sure where you're going - but keep your head down...

    ..oh, and keep on blogging whenever you can..

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  4. It breaks my heart to see how you'll miss your babies. I guess I was hoping you would not realize somehow...nothing to be done so I'm sure the Lord will be able to make it up to both you and them somehow...I just have to have faith!