25 January 2010

A Stressful Day

School started a week ago, but I missed that week because I was running around in the snowy hills of Utah. I looked at all of my classes and realized that I have homework and assignments due, and I am very unprepared. I've nearly got all of my textbooks now, but I haven't had much chance to read them or participate in the mandatory discussion boards. I imagine it will take a week or so to get caught back up, but at the moment it's not very pleasant.

I also noticed that my leave for the last two weeks was input as leave without pay, so I am not getting paid. I recall checking my leave request for accuracy before I submitted it, so someone beyond me may have fat-fingered it when it was input. So instead of being able to focus on schoolwork we've been trying to figure out how to make the house payment and feed ourselves for the next two weeks. Luckily I work in the pay office, so tomorrow when I go to work I won't have to go far to get it sorted out. Hopefully it is an error that can be fixed soon.

In slightly more optimistic news, the power bill has gone down fairly significantly since we moved over to wood heat. I am still somewhat unhappy with our current stove, but we've decided to pay off debt instead of purchase a newer model. While we were gone the power company meter reader left our gate open and our dogs got out. The Labrador stayed near the house, but my Basset Hound went missing. He has a tendency to follow his nose when he gets a chance to roam. Luckily my sister was able to find him at the local shelter, but it took $40 to bail him out. It's the second time the meter reader has left our gate open and let the dogs out. My wife had a nice conversation with the power company, and I hope the problem goes away.

In brighter news, my first two Postcrossing postcards arrived in the mail. One came from Winnipeg and one was from Arkansas.

I was at Hobbytown today and saw a whole family playing what looked like the Axis and Allies naval miniature game. That was a little different, as usually the gamer crowd is a bunch of males of various ages. This particular group appeared to be a mom, dad, son, and daughter all playing together. I don't imagine many families bond around World War Two naval combat. I didn't see much at the store that interested me. I have most of the things I need for all of my armies, so I'm at the point where I mostly want bigger kits (Ork Stompa, Imperial Guard Stormlord) or specialty kits like stuff from Forge World (the Ork Mega Dread currently tops my list). There are still a few Reaper miniatures that I "need" for my Warlord forces and a couple of other games or manufacturers I'd like to add to or start up, but I've really got a lot of stuff to finish before I go down those routes. It'd be ideal not to buy much of anything until I get back home from my potential deployment overseas.

My cousin contacted me about potentially watching over his Ultramarines as he is searching for roommates and needs to make some room. That would be exciting. My Skaven also need to battle his Dwarves at some point. I'm sure I can cobble together a list from the new Skaven book. Dwarves are just so tough that it's hard to imagine any number of Skaven successfully killing them before the Ratmen break and run. As always my ignorance of the rules makes me reluctant to actually follow through with my plans to schedule a game with my figures.

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  1. That makes me grumpy about your dogs. Poor Buddy! Hope school and pay and everything gets sorted out soon!