14 November 2009


My cousin invited me to play Warhammer 40k with him today. I declined, citing a need to do schoolwork. I imagine I also had underlying reasons like unfamiliarity with the rules and lack of a full-sized army. I have spent the morning thinking I probably should have gone to play games and done my schoolwork tonight and on Monday.


  1. You did right putting your schoolwork first. As for the rest, I've only played a handful of games myself. We'd both be there flipping through the rulebook figuring it out.

    I'd rather start small anyway... 500-1000 points. We don't have to play 40k either, I have a fantasy army (dwarves), and a some Vampire Counts still in the box.

    How many points of Skaven you got? n_n

  2. If I play my Giant as a Dogs of War choice I think I have around 2000 points. Without him I have 1700-1800. I still haven't quite mated up what I've got with the new army book.