03 August 2009

I have returned from my two weeks in the desert with the National Guard. There isn't much else to talk about really. I went to Hobbytown but I didn't buy anything. There are some neat things being released, but I have a big pile of figures I still need to work on.

A friend invited me to go to a Magic: The Gathering informal event at his friends' house. I did not do very well, which should be expected as I am not an avid player and these guys had every card back to 1993 memorized. I think that I am safe from having the desire to buy into Magic anytime soon. It's a huge money sink with new sets coming out quarterly. I'd have to give up my other hobbies and focus exclusively on that.


  1. The Terratorial Army tend to end up on Dartmoor or a Welsh Mountain. I am not sure whether that is better or worse than a desert. Certainly it's a lot wetter.


  2. "It's a huge money sink"
    why didnt you post this BEFORE convincing me to by my first deck?!

  3. Didn't you find a reasonable way to play Magic on a budget by sticking to the premade boxed decks?

    I've been looking at some of the budget formats like Pauper Magic.

  4. Michael prints out the cards he is thinking of buying on sturdy paper and plays a few games, then continues printing and building until he has a deck built that really works, then he invests in the cards.