12 April 2008

Today was a pretty interesting day. Earlier this week I heard some ads on the radio for the 2008 Bodybuilding.com Boise Fitness Expo with special guests Jay Cutler (the current Mr. Olympia) and Bill Romanowski (a former Denver Broncos football player). Although I am a scrawny guy with almost no motivation for working out, I do have a small fascination with the world of bodybuilding and I was curious to see how big Jay Cutler is in real life. I also thought it would be pretty neat to get Bill Romanowski's autograph, as I am a fairly die-hard Broncos fan. The event was held in a local concert house, which was extremely cramped and poorly lit. It took almost an hour to get in the doors and then another hour or so just to find out where Jay Cutler was so I could get a picture with him and an autograph. He's not very tall, but the muscles certainly live up to the hype. His biceps and shoulders look like volleyballs. As the place was not lit well and my wife was taking the photo with my cell phone the photo is not very good, but here it is:

We fought the crowd for a little while longer trying to find Romanowski's table, but we couldn't see it and eventually gave up. At least the admission was free. I hope that if they do the event again next year they spring for a larger venue with better organization. If the cost of renting the place is an issue for them I wouldn't mind paying a reasonable admission fee if it meant avoiding the hassles of this year's event. I posted my review on the Bodybuilding.com forum and immediately got flamed by some dude from Texas, so we'll see if my suggestions are received well by the actual event organizers.

In more traditional nerdy news, I went to the local Wal-Mart today to buy some dog food and noticed that they had packs of the new WoW TCG set on display. In the hopes of pulling a loot card for an in-game item I bought a couple packs of them. I was feeling buyer's remorse even before I paid for them, but for once it was unfounded. In the second pack I found a Personal Weather Maker Loot Card, which is redeemable for an in-game item that creates a little randomized storm cloud/sun/snowstorm animation over your character's head. So that's pretty cool. It doesn't really affect your character's stats at all, but it's a cool status item to have.

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  1. wow, you rarely post pictures of yourself. sometimes i forget what you look like. but now i remember. and that guy...whoa, looks like he's pretty studly. ah, i could take him.