08 June 2007

My little brother came over for an hour or two this afternoon before I left for work. We hung out and played some games, so that was pretty fun.
I'm thinking about quitting World of Warcraft again. Getting to level 70 was fun, but once you hit the level cap most of the play revolves around groups of players going into dungeons to get better gear than the items available in the regular game-world. I spent three hours tonight in the Looking for Group channel and didn't find anyone to go through an instance with. The same thing happened last night. I could grind for PvP gear, but that gets boring as I spend most of my time dead because I can't get the gear I need to excel because I can't find a group in the Looking for Group channel. It would be nice to have an organized group to play with, but my brother-in-law and his friends play on a different server, my sister has a baby and can't play, and my wife works a different shift than I do. So I'm considering dropping the game again, maybe until they come out with another expansion. At this point you're probably wondering if I want some cheese with my whine, so I'll end my blogging for today.

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